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Software Made for People, Not Profit.

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Security Optimized. Good Looking. And useful.. wait, where did I steal that from?

We aren't unique in the sense that we make software: we're unqiue in the way we deliver and develop it. With the power of open-source software, we deliver strong, modern-looking, and fast software.

As Fast as Lightning McQueen

Well, not realy. But, we make sure our code is as lightweight and fast as possible, even if we're using Electron.


We Like Our Privacy. We Don't Want Yours.

Knox, Corp. never collects data that can be sold or sent off to other people.

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Premium Designs Made by Non-Premium Designers

Our not-so-premium graphic designers are hard at work to deliver a nice UI.

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People Platonicly ♥ Us

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Lavender is a Discord bot that's meant to help community's grow closer together and bring organization, assistance, and of corse a little bit of fun to the server.


Founder of The xHearts Organization

Lavender is very easy to use there's lots to do with it and plenty of moderation commands


Founder of Nightmare with Raven